Western Bridges Pricing Structure

At Western Bridges, we offer tailored services designed to bridge the business and cultural gap between China and the Western world. Our pricing reflects the high value and customization of these services.

1. Initial Consultation:
    • Fee: $250
    • Description: A comprehensive one-hour session to understand your specific needs, challenges, and objectives. We’ll discuss how our services can facilitate your business’s expansion into Western markets.
2. Monthly Retainer Packages:
    • Basic Package:
      • Fee: $2,000 per month
      • Includes: Ongoing email communication support, basic business document customization, and general business advice.
    • Premium Package:
      • Fee: $4,000 per month
      • Includes: Comprehensive services including full business communication support, extensive document customization, website and e-commerce setup assistance, and regular strategy sessions.
3. Project-Based Services:
    • Fee: From $2,000
    • Description: Tailored pricing for specific projects like e-commerce platform setup or trade fair preparation, based on the project’s complexity and resource requirements. To be quoted.
4. Customized Services:
    • Fee: Custom pricing based on the project
    • Description: For unique projects or highly customized services, we offer personalized pricing to meet your specific requirements. Such as trade fair event participation, booth preparations etc.
5. Annual Contracts:
    • Offer: 10% discount on the total package price
    • Description: Encouraging long-term collaboration with an annual contract that provides a comprehensive approach to your cross-cultural business expansion.